Murals by Cindy Guare Paint & Design (520-245-7239)

Bold and exciting or as an unassuming background, child-like or straight out of the Renaissance — murals delight the eye and spark the imagination. They can fill a niche or cover the walls, fool the eye, as in trompe l'oeil, or simply add interest with color and design. Commercial or residential, outside or in, the possibilities are endless.

Together we can design something uniquely yours.

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jungle beach muraldesert sunset mural

Junble/beach themed mural 8.5' x 9.5'.         Desert sunset mural 7.5' x 8.5'.

heart flower banner muralsouthwest roadrunner mural

Hear and rose with banner mural 10' x 7'.      Desert "window" with local critters 7' x 8'.

vet clinic dog muralvet clinic dog mural section 2

Disguising the bottom of the counter in a veternarian clinic.

faux rock wall muraleagle flag mural

Faux rock wall mural 9' x 6'      Eagle and flag mural 14' x 10' in high school gym.

greek island mural on exterior block wall

Greek island painted on exterior block wall 20'x6' (extends around corner).

<agave painting on exterior garage door mural><fairy mural on childs wall>

Disguising an ugly exterior garage door.       Fairy mural — glow in the dark wings.

<Baby mural Disney characters><Commercial restaurant mural in cartoon style>

Mickey and friends over a baby's crib.             A wall in a hot wings restaurant.

<Italian restaurant wall mural in fresco style><Outdoor mural for Girl Scouts of their history>

Subtle background in Italian restaurant.              Timeline of the Girl Scouts. 120'

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