Graphic Design by Cindy Guare Paint & Design (520-245-7239)

Graphic design is a creative process combining art and technology to communicate ideas.

It's a process of exploring creative possibilities presented by words and images and then putting them together in the best way to convey a message from the client to their audience. Once the design concept is chosen the production process begins, and it can make or break a good design. Whether it's a logo and identity package or a print ad, if you don't know how to get it printed properly the project can be a nightmare.

I bring my skills as a designer together with my technical skills to make sure that the finished piece is workable, and represents the goals that my client and I have established. I believe good communication skills and a reliable work ethic combined with my graphic art training result in a higher level of service for my clients.

business cards • logos • marketing materials • stationary packages • books • illustration ...

These are just two examples of the graphic design projects I'm happy to have created.

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Trifold brochure for a high-end construction company.

I took the photos, wrote the copy, designed and produced this 8 page booklet which marketed the venue for an event planner.