Decorative Painting by Cindy Guare Paint & Design (520-245-7239)

Decorative painting can be many things. Murals, trompe l'oeil (French for "fool the eye") panels, faux finishes, painted cabinetry and furniture, grisaille (painted in shades of gray) decorations, canvases that are marouflaged (applied like wall paper), and the list goes on.

Below are some samples of different types of decorative painting projects I have done. Let your mind wander. I would be happy to consult with you on any project you might have in mind. Or perhaps come up with something you haven't thought of yet.

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beehive fireplace before decorative painting beehive fireplace after decorative painting

Beehive fireplace before being given a light wash and decorative painting.

custom design decorative painting

Custom design painted over pass through in dining room.

custom design decorative painting

Metallic fantasy finish in dining room niche.

decorative painting on cargo trailer

Trompe L'oeil of Cantera Carved stone window and door surrounds on cargo trailer.

custom design decorative painting

Custom design mirror image 2' x 2.5' in each corner of bedroom wall.

<7'x5' faux fresco painting on canvas to look like a window on wall>

Canvas painted to blend with wall and appear as a "window" 5'x7'

<Faux fresco of ancient Pompeii painting>

Canvas paint and plaster - faux fresco - to be marouflaged 4'x5'

<Faux burlwood finish painted on wooden cabinet>

Wine cabinet faux burlwood door panels

<Faux fantasy finish of metallic acrylic paints on bedroom wall>

Bedroom wall multi glaze metallics

<Textured and multi glazed wall in hair salon>

Textured and multi glazed hair salon wall

<Fantasy blood red glaze high gloss on bathroom walls>

Powder room red glazed




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